Getting ready for Hurricanes!

Stay informed about hurricanes and maintain a level of preparedness. Clear your yard of loose debris, trim back limbs of trees and bring in furniture, potted plants, and other outdoor items that can turn into projectiles during strong wind events. … read more



Biking in Davie

Davie, Florida has miles and miles of horse and bicycle trails. An official map and list of the trails can be found here.  Our favorite trails go through Robbins Lodge Park off of Hiatus Road and continue on to Tree … read more

Made in Davie

Kayak with motor

Kayak with a with trolling motor

Some down-home Davie ingenuity here by one of the admins of this website.  Here’s a Hobie kayak with some home made contraption to adapt an electric motor. Here’s the video to prove it: read more

Health & Security


Davie Police offer important updates on Twitter

Effective April 29th, the Town of Davie, Florida police department will be offering important updates regarding crime and traffic on Twitter. To follow the Davie police, simply subscribe to Twitter (it’s free) and follow Daviepolice. To receive text notifications you … read more